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I've always loved writing, whether creatively during my school years or academically during my law degree, and I decided that my passion is to help companies and startups adjust to the new online marketing world. I work with clients to develop their own unique voice, one that appeals to their audience and purpose. My content aims to connect to a company's targeted audience through creating, curating and researching their consumer profile - you're not getting fluff, you're getting company brand and engaging content that appeals to your industry and sets your company apart as an expert. My Legal and Finance background ensures that I am commercially aware of business needs and write to pioneer yours. Want adjustments to what I produce? No problem - I'm always happy to have feedback, improve and unlimited edits are always included. Read on to learn more about my work and feel free to contact me. I’d love to hear from you.




Alexandra has been an amazing asset to our blogging team here at the Kelly's Group. She always delivers on time and her writing is very captivating!


Alexandra was a pleasure to work with, and provided a detailed, interesting and inspiring article which we still share with students now.


Alexandra is a professional young woman who is passionate about writing. She is very friendly and great to work with and will adjust and edit her work if asked. I highly recommend her for any writing project.


Writing Experience

I started writing at university, when I would create online content for University College London. Since then, I have written for a wide range of clients - from companies to smaller businesses to individual consultations. As many of my clients have to remain anonymous, I offer sending samples directly by email. My ability to adapt tone and conduct independent and accurate research are highlights of my content. This list is by no means exhaustive, and further samples can be sent on request.

Please note that for privacy reasons I do not list my individual clients nor disclose their identity

Spaceways Storage Online Blog

On Retainer (Ongoing Publications)

Spaceways Storage is a storage and removal company that focuses on the London area. I am currently creating content for the launch of their blog, aimed at students who are relocating to London. As I am based in London, I am able to write on my own observations and local knowledge. I am creating content on a weekly basis in the run-up to the launch and in constant contact with the in-house marketing team.


Wightman & Parrish

Freelance Blog Writer

Wightman & Parrish are a hygiene products supplier to a number of industries, including logistics, healthcare and education. I am their freelance blog writer and produce content based on industry updates and solutions to hygiene problems and supplies. 

Kelly's Storage Online Blog

On Retainer (Ongoing Publications)

Kelly's Storage is a storage and removal company based in Surrey, England. I create content for their online blog, which is aimed at families and professionals who are looking to relocate to London. This involves conducting my own research and producing articles on a weekly basis with constant contact with the in-house marketing team.

The Coastal House (Devon)

September 2019

I write brochure pieces and advertisement copywriting for The Coastal House, a high-end real estate firm which focuses on the Devon area. My writing includes persuasive and inviting story-telling about each property, making the piece much more than just standard property descriptions. Sample available on request.

UCL Study Abroad Blog

14 March 2019

I travelled to Shanghai, China, on a British Council programme and wrote about my experience for UCL. This included travel writing, and recording of events, as well as marketing content for UCL's Study Abroad programmes. I still contribute to UCL's Blogs on occasion. This audience is primarily young adults and university students.


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